Here we have it, the last regular album in the annals of "FREEZE FRAME".
We are proud of it. Instead of "THE WORKS" we could have named this final album also "FAMILY & FRIENDS".
So many musicians and friends from the past 25 years, who joined this project, are again contributing their fantastic musicianship.
When I started the FREEZE FRAME project 25 years ago, I could not foresee that this project would exist for the
next quarter century. And yes, it is also a bit sad to say farewell in this anniversary year.
There is still some material that has not been released until today. So, there is a small chance that we might see a kind of "From the archive" release.
I'm extremely grateful that we have created such an amazing and dignified result before we close the last chapter.

Many thanks to all my friends, of course the fans and my beloved family.

Ray Bach 2015

A few words about the B-Side of "Moods of New York...

 Since there was a comment from Ray about "Moods of New York", he
also wants to share his thoughts about "Same time, next year".

"How to evaluate friendship? Perhaps there are criteria,
but for me friendship is rather a question about feelings.
And these feelings are not dependent on spatial proximity
or how often we see each other.
I meet my long-time friends one or two times a year and
each time it feels as it was yesterday that we have seen us.
"Same time, next year" is a hymn to our friendship,
a friendship which is unconditional."

The Freeze Frame Heat Map


Since these days Freeze Frame releases are solely sold thru digital platforms, it is relatively easy for us to see where are our fans are based. The system is called "iTunes heat-map" and it's a visual representation of downloads.

Number one country by far is the US (more than 80%), followed by the U.K:, Canada and Australia.

We also have an ranking for cities in the US:
On the third rank we find Houston, number two is Los Angeles and on the first rank we welcome New York.
With other words, Freeze Frame's capitol city on this planet is New York.

The history of Freeze Frame has so far seen two chapters: the “Innovative Communication” years from 1991 to 1999 and the “post IC” era, which began with the comeback album “Transition” in 2006.

Transition was an important milestone in the history of Freeze Frame,” says Ray Bach, mastermind behind the Freeze Frame project.

IC had a lot of problems with their distribution partner back then and some reported irregular practices. The rumour had it that thousands of CDs were produced and sold where we as artists did not see any kind of return. As a matter of fact, the former distribution company and their partners in the US are still selling our complete IC back-catalogue, that's the first five albums, also on iTunes, and we haven't been getting a single cent for that.

Purely from that perspective, the second chapter of Freeze Frame is remarkable. The artists keep the rights on their own work and have more control with what is happening to the music. I have to admit just to a certain extent, of course, that we face “digital-problems” nowadays where every track is a 'free' download, perhaps from some server in Uzbekistan."

“I also think it's a pity that the culture of listening to a full album is going down the drain. People just pick single tunes so it's tough to get a relation between the listener and a whole piece of work.
 “But there are not only downsides regarding the internet.
The speed of getting new created music to listeners around the globe is amazing. And when it comes to recording and producing music the new technologies are simply stunning.
For example, on one of my older albums from 1999, a friend of mine played the saxophone here in my studio, three meters away in the recording booth. Over the years we lost touch with each other. She moved to a tiny village on the coast of Greece. Thanks to the internet we've connected again and recently collaborated on a new track of mine.That's through the internet and live! We could see each other, we could talk to each other and when I hit the play button she could immediately hear the tune and actually I was recording just like I did years before. With the exception that she was not three meters but thousands of kilometers away.
That's also why this tune is called Greetings From Greece and not because of any traditional Greek harmonies."

Freeze Frame had a remarkable success with its comeback album in 2006. Especially the title “Lincoln Park” is a hot track in the US since then.

“With the exception of Ricky Garcia, who is on guitar this time, we see the same line up for this production as seven years ago. And it beautifully carries the mood from those days into this century. So we indeed 'return to Lincoln Park'.

Day Of Sun is one of Lars' favourites. I can understand this although we enjoy it for different reasons. While I'm looking mostly on harmonies and melody, Lars has a deep impact on the groove. The way he plays the bass drives the whole thing into a different world."

“I have really enjoyed to get a lot of former Freeze Frame musicians to rejoin the project. Not only do they have extraordinary talent, but they also add their very personal touch to it.


The upcoming EP is titled “Best In Life”?

Best In Life hits the nail on its head. The music on this EP transports so much positive energy and high spirit that I just can't think of a better title.

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