January 17th

We are happy to announce that "Return to Lincoln Park" is on pre-order now:

January 12th

Ray talks about the past, the present and the upcoming new release

The history of Freeze Frame has so far seen two chapters: the “Innovative Communication” years from 1991 to 1999 and the “post IC” era, which began with the comeback album “Transition” in 2006.

“Transition was an important milestone in the history of Freeze Frame,...
Read more in the new story section....
January 10th

The final tracks have been uploaded to "THE ORCHARD". Planned release is the 18th of January.

January 6th

We have uploaded two longer audio examples of the upcoming release here:


January 5th 2013

On our YouTube channel, you can find a sneak preview of the upcoming single release:


Have fun!



December 31st

To all the friends of FREEZE FRAME:
We wish you a peaceful and healthy 2013!


December 23rd

Though we face a definite delay of the upcoming album release, we have also good news. January 2013 will see the release of Return To Lincoln Park. A single featuring two brand new tracks of the mentioned EP.

December 3rd

We like to give you a small update about the progress Freeze Frame is doing on the next planned release. Unfortunately the project is not as far as we have hoped for. First, there was a commissioned work to deliver that took more time than expected. Second, right after that members of the band where hit by a serious flu and have just recovered from that.
So the release might happen rather March than January.

October 5th

Back from the beloved island Freeze Frame has started to work on new material.

We will keep you informed about the progress.
September 17th

The Sweepstake has ended

Congratulation to all the winners!!


Summer Competition
Win one of three autographed "transition" CDs
The first review for "The Smooth Shore" is on-line:

June 21st
"The Smooth Shore" is now available on  mayor download platforms like iTunes:
The Smooth Shore

June 13th
A first video teaser of "The Smooth Shore" is now on-line



June 11th
Next update on the upcoming EP release:

 "The Smooth Shore" will have it's global release next Monday, June the 18th.


June 3rd
Update on the upcoming EP release:

The availability of "The Smooth Shore" is planned for beginning of July



May 18

Hello all, we have some exciting news for you. Freeze Frame is planning to release a new EP this summer including two previously unreleased tracks plus three brand new recordings.

So stay tuned, we will have some more detailed information on this soon.

January 28
Hi everybody,
We have uploaded a slightly remixed and remastered version of an old FREEZE FRAME classic: Loving Life!
Free download.

January 25
Ladies and Gentleman,
It's our pleasure to announce the immediate availability of "The Score of Moviebooks" in almost all download shops around the globe.
We hope that you are excited about this, as we are ;-)


January 23
The new album is already listed at iTunes and also at all Amazon shops:

"The Book of Moviescores" start selling on January 25th.

January 19
After a couple of small technical problems we are still confident that we will see the new album released on the 25th of January.

So stay tuned.


The first review from someone, who has a deep knowledge of music:





Happy New Year Everybody!!

We have uploaded our latest video on YouTube.


We are happy to announce that the long awaited new release "The Score Of Moviebooks" will be released next month. More details on this later.


We hope all of you had a nice and peaceful christmas!



Now you can find us on Facebook as well. And of course on You Tube.

August 2010

Freeze Frame started to work on their final album

2011 will see the 20th anniversary of the Freeze Frame project. Together with this memorable date Freeze Frame will release their latest album. More info on this later.

May 2009

Colors Of Summer  is available NOW!

A first review of Colors Of Summer can be found here.

April 2009
Worldwide release of Colors Of Summer  is beginning of May. The new album should be available via I-Tunes and other online shops around the globe.

January 2009
A happy and peaceful new year to all of you!

Freeze Frame is in the final stage of finishing the new album "Colors of Summer".
Expected release date will be late March.

June 2008
We have uploaded the first 2 pre-mixes of the up-coming album on myspace.

May 2008
We didn't had news for quiet some time. This might be interesting: Freeze Frame is working on a new release, "Colors Of Summer".


We expect to upload a couple of pre-mixes on our my space web site end of June.

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