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Release date is final.

ENDLESS SUMMER will be available worldwide on May 12th.

Here is a little video that features a few snippets of the upcoming album:

It is already April. Where is the new Album?


Things became not the way they should have be. And as they were planned.
First, my health condition in the first three months of the year was far from being good and the process to recover was anything else than fast. This is the bad reason for the delay of the release.


But there is a second reason. In the beginning there was this idea from someone, to release a Freeze Frame compilation featuring the groove tracks. And as bonus two to three tracks that has not been released yet.
While listening to these unreleased material, the situation became vice versa. There was a lot more unreleased tracks (and unfinished recordings) than I thought.
Some just need the final mix and master, others have been edit by young producers who are more in the dance and elektro scene, others need more than just the final touch.


While one might remember that I have announced that I have to stop future releases that create a massive effort I have to admit that I can’t help myself here. While a compilation is not a major workload the work and effort I spend right now is regarding the financial perspective again“unhealthy”. But simply rush a few tracks out is not what I can do. My pretension asks for quality instead. So even I do know,  that it money wise won’t pay back, I can’t change. Right now I’m spending many hours on this project. But for the mentioned reasons, this can’t have priority. I expect another month of delay before releasing it.

Having written all this, ENDLESS SUMMER will be the last regular release. Sorry.


Ray Bach MARCH 2017




Endless summer


An album that includes music that has not been released yet.

Planned release date is January 2017.


We keep you in the loop.

Save the Date

The final release date for "THE LOST BOOK OF MOVIE SCORES" is the 7th June 2016.

Here can you download the digital Booklet:




May 22nd

Hi Folks,
Here you can listen to several previews of tracks from the forthcoming album:
Release date will be next month.

W A R N I N G !  Nearly no Jazz...






Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming release.



The moment we start collecting all necessary songs for the "best off album", Hans-Bernd told me, that from his perspective we also have to include tracks from the first albums.

So I looked for the original Master tapes because I thought, before this will go on to the "best of" we should remaster these old tapes.
I went into the archive and found several carton boxes. They were full off discs and tapes - an astonishing amount of material.
I took the time and listen to all of the material I found in the boxes. I discovered final mixes, demos, multi track tapes, discs with sequence data.
There were so many songs I had forgotten in the meantime. Some of them I could hardly remember at all. It was like discover a treasure...
Most of discovered material is from time span of "THE BOOK OF MOVIESCORES". A few are from the recording sessions of "THE CROSSOVER".
In the meantime we have either carefully remastered the old tapes or have done completely new mixes from the multitracks. The quality of these old recordings, especially when we had multi track tape, is amazing.
The arrangements and instrument sounds are definitely from that era - but it feels as  that would have been recorded yesterday and not 25 years ago.

I can't remember the reason why these tracks did not went onto the final release. "THE BOOK OF MOVIESCORES" could have easily been a double album.

Anyhow, I'm glad that we, thanks to Hans-Bernd, have found these tapes (and btw. we found even more material from later times) and have the chance to publish these recordings many, many years after the music have been created.

Before I forget, the music itself has very little jazz approach. It rather carries the mood of the first album which is a mix of instrumental, new age, film and ambient music.

The release is planned for summer 2016.

January 31st 2016



We have uploaded the latest booklet "LINCOLN PARK - THE BEST OF FREEZE FRAME".



ELP live in Hamburg

Dear Keith,

Being a keyboarder myself, you have been without a doubt the biggest influence and inspiration in my musical life and career. I can`t describe what your amazing and wonderful music had meant to me. And how much I'm shocked to hear this unbelievable sad news.

For the fans of FREEZE FRAME this might be a bit irritating since I’m more known for Jazz and pop oriented music. The ones who remember the first albums might discover nevertheless the mentioned influence. The most “ELP`ìsh” track I ever came up with, is Synthasia.
Everyone can download that track for free at soundcloumd:



I`m grateful that I had the chance, to see Keith live on stage a few times and witness his brilliance.

His music is immortal…



THE BEST OF FREEZE FRAME available on iTunes, AMAZON and others.





Release Basics

December 30th 2015


Here you can see the list of chosen tracks for the upcoming BEST OF release. In addition, the release date is now confirmed.

A happy new year to everyone!

BEST OF FREEZE FRAME scheduled for January 21st 2016

Lincoln Park - The best of FREEZE FRAME comes with new masters and mixes


"How should I select a chosen few from the many songs I created over the years? It seemed to be an impossible task."

“Then I had a brilliant idea. I would ask the man who has the deepest knowledge and understanding of the music of Freeze Frame. Hans Bernd immediately said yes. It took him just one day to present me his list. I was at least partly surprised by his selection. On the other hand, that was the whole point: that some one should take a look from the outside.

Hans-Bernd insisted that even very old pieces from the early days of Freeze Frame would need to be on the list, which meant going through the archives for old master tapes and multi-track recordings.

“The old master tapes have been newly transferred, with a higher sampling and bit rate and then remastered. Amazing what you can get out of old tapes from 25 years ago. Two titles we even remixed (remix has here its original meaning), but we not only found the old tapes but much unreleased material from times completely forgotten. It was incredibly fascinating to hear these tracks, which had exactly the sound of the first albums.

Without Hans-Bernd these recordings would have never surfaced again.


Ray Bach

July 26th 2015

How Spotify has killed the FREEZE FRAME project

Dear friends,
as already mentioned, we want to let you know why the FREEZE FRAME project has come to an end after 25 years.

As you might know, these days, music distribution for smaller projects and bands is purely digital.
That has worked out to a certain extend for the last 10 years. Though you can't become rich, at least it was possible to cover the cost. Since the appearance of SPOTIFY, the situation has changed drastically. Most people choose the free account to enjoy the music they like.
Due to the digital distribution all statistics are available and deliver a clear picture: People don't buy anymore mp3's at iTunes or Amazon, they streaming music from portals like Spotify and the new iTunes offer won't help either.
Does we receive any money from this streaming portals? Yes, but it is so little that you need a magnify glass to see a kind of income.
To give you a real world example: for 100 tracks sold via iTunes we receive 50$,
for 1000 (!) Freeze Frame tracks streamed on Spotify we got less than 3$.
The choice is clear for many. Why purchase an MP3 if you can listen to a similar format for free? We can even understand this but with all the effort and cost involved it does not make any sense at all to "sell" music anymore.
This is partly true also for bigger acts. In the past bands went on tour to promote the new album. Today they make a new album (if they make a new one) to go on tour because a live concert experience can't be downloaded for free from the web. For studio projects like FREEZE FRAME it is impossible to go on tour.
It is indeed a sad story but we can't help it. As a matter of fact, this is how SPOTIFY has killed the FREEZE FRAME project.
As written in an earlier post, there is quite some material that has not been released yet. If times are changing, we might see this released in one way or the other.

All the very best from Ray and from all the musicians who have contributed their brilliant musicianship to the Freeze Frame project over the last 25 years.

For all the folks who have bought Freeze Frame music via download through iTunes, Amazon etc., we have
collected several booklets in PDF format. The download link is here:


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